Publications scientifiques

An end-to-end urethral anastomosis after inguinal tunnelization: a new technique in a dog. – K Minier – I Bemelmans  – J Benoit.

Effect of wetness level on the suitability of wet gauze as a substitute for Superflab as a bolus material for use with 6 mv photons. – J Benoit – Pruitt AF – Thrall DE.

Evaluation of an Accelerated Chemoradiotherapy Protocol for Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in 5 Cats and 3 Dogs. – Rejec A – J Benoit – Tutt C – Crossley D – Butinar J- Hren NI.

Clinical outcome, PDGFRβ and KIT expression in feline histiocytic disorders: a multicentre study. – Treggiari E – Ressel L – Polton GA – Benoit J –  Desmas I – Blackwood L.

Thyroid carcino-sarcoma in a dog. – Giuliano A – Grant J – Benoit J.

BMP-2 delivered from a self-crosslinkable CaP/hydrogel construct promotes bone regeneration in a critical-size segmental defect model of non-union in dogs. – Minier K – Touré A – Fusellier M – Fellah B – Bouvy B – Weiss P – Gauthier O.